Founded in 2010, Beijing Sostyle Decoration Design Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design of soft furnishings and the completion of the whole case. It is a professional design company that started early in the soft furnishings design industry. The business model mainly consists of large-scale engineering projects: five-star hotels, high-end large-scale clubs, real estate marketing services, large-scale commercial and commercial complex space, office space, boutique chain stores, etc., always pursue the idea of "people-oriented, design-oriented" For the design concept, the aesthetic, quality and atmosphere are created in the design space. Since its establishment, Sostyle has provided high-end interior furnishings and consultancy work for many well-known domestic real estate developers and other commercial brands.

By providing customers with interior design and comprehensive solutions, the company has fully acquired Fangxing Sunac Real Estate, Runze Real Estate, Hongkun Real Estate, First Open Real Estate, and Guoao Land with its innovative design concept and professional soft furnishings services. , CITIC Real Estate, China Resources Happiness Real Estate, China Metallurgical Group, Hemei Real Estate, Juwang Weiye Real Estate, Qianyuan Real Estate, Zhonghong Real Estate, Jianfa Group, Shenhua Group, Zhongxin Tourism, Taunting Film Industry, Dengfeng International Film, Love space Internet home improvement, the United States Monkey King Internet home improvement, Bosch Electric, fish music Beibei children's hydrophilic tour national chain stores and other brands highly recognized.

In 2015, we established the Uge Home Brand Company to develop a dual channel for the operation of the company. Sostyle can not only focus on providing soft furnishings and engineering services for traditional real estate brands, but also provide cabinet exhibition construction and supply services for well-known Internet home improvement companies. It has successfully created 24 national city lifestyle exhibition halls for the love space, and the design, development and landing of the second-generation exhibition hall. It has provided exhibition hall construction and supply services for the Monkey King Internet Home Improvement Company, which has won unanimous praise in the national industry and established a benchmark for the industry. Uge's business scope is a modular, civilian product that is designed for the consumer and integrates the lifestyle and lifestyle. In the future, Sostyle Uge will continue to work diligently and conscientiously, do a good job in every project, seriously consider the psychological needs of customers, and create better and greater existence value to work hard!

Sostyle design concept:
 Human + material (IoT) + spatial relationship space design, understand the trade-offs, understand the simplicity, focus on the existence of human beings, optimize the function of the space by analyzing the state of the people present in the space. And balance the grasp, the creative performance of the design behavior and the relationship between the customer's use of functions and habits, try to achieve a win-win situation. I am used to doing simplicity, doing induction, and balancing the relationship between design and use. Because all the designs serve people.
Sostyle's understanding of design:
 Imagine the psychological suggestion of the original ecological design performance on the space environment, and study the life state and lifestyle, and optimize the combination of practical and artistic life space. Grasp the influence of spatial state on emotions in the state of life. Use the design to serve the soul, and use the power of design to create a space for the soul. Everyone is a teacher of life, and everyone has their own preferences and behaviors. Space, on the other hand, needs to cater to habits and improve habits. So thank you for your life, thank you for nature, and thank everyone.

Sostyle company philosophy:
 The service of Sostyle is to analyze and locate customers, inject spatial content, create a space atmosphere, and implement a combination of systemized products, presenting cost-effective products, and creating a space for creating content. !
 The combination of visual art and pragmatism, style, not chasing the wind, people-oriented, suitable for moderately appropriate presentation space, attitude service!

Sostyle Values:
 We use the appeal of creating a visual atmosphere to play the soft furnishings service for the visual marketing premium of the project.
 We are committed to creating an experience interaction that is consistent with the marketing orientation and the life perception of the target consumer group;
 We integrate art into space, integrate life, connect with each other, express the atmosphere of existence, and the aesthetic needs of consumption upgrading.
 We never pursue fashion, do not pursue style, we insist that each presentation has its own personality and uniqueness, adapted to people.
 With the integration of design and back-end supply chain, cost-effective delivery and landing services, design control.

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